Workouts to Recover from MCL injuries

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Over the past few years, more and more athletes have witnessed the pain of MCL injuries! This is one of the most common injuries anyone can face. Conversely, MCL injuries can be treated with the help of surgeries and physical rehabilitation programs. Fine-tuned exercises with the right amount of strengthening, proprioception training and sports-specific fitness regimes will improve the state of your MCL ligament. With this being said, there are plenty of medial ligament strengthening exercises to lend you a hand of help. And, this article will give you a quick walk through these fitness routines.
Mobility Exercises
“Mobility workouts” play an integral role in all MCL rehabilitation programs. These workouts will help you get rid of pain and stress in a smooth way. “Heel Slides” are a part of basic mobility exercises. This is where you should lie on your back and perform gentle knee movements. The heel should be slowly moved towards your butt. Each movement can take between two to four minutes. However, make sure you perform at least 10 foot slides in a minute. To make the slides easier and well-framed, you should wrap a towel around the ankle and hold-onto it! That way you will master the workout too!
“Flexion extension exercises” have a wide range of benefits. The workout is capable of improving the knee’s mobility and the strength of your quadriceps. Of course, flexion extension exercises will have a positive impact on the hamstrings too! The workout is a part of early MCL recovery. When done properly, flexion extension exercises will reduce the overall swelling around your knee. As you kick start into the workout, make sure you do as many as possible (but comfortably). Flexion extension exercises can be done in different postures. This includes the standing, sitting and lying down on your back routines. Target for 20 reps and 3 sets every day! End of the day, your muscles will become strong.
Strengthening Exercises
In order to soothe pain, you should follow strengthening exercises. It would be safe to begin with static or isometric contractions. Always remember that strengthening exercises should be done with the help of a trained fitness expert or physiotherapist.
“Static quads contractions” are basic strengthening exercises. As you sense pain near the MCL, you should start this workout. The exercise has to be carried out on a daily basis. Even athletes in a plaster cast can perform this workout. During static quads contractions, the quadriceps muscles should be folded at the front of the thigh. The posture has to be held for ten long seconds. Now, relax for three seconds and repeat the routine 15 to 25 times! As the knee straightens, contractions will pull the foot upwards.
Another interesting cure for MCL injuries would be the “calf raises”. This is where you should stand with your feet wide apart (shoulder width) on a stepper and raise your heels as much as possible. You should perform the raise with both your legs.

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