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BREG Knee Brace

The Breg knee brace redefines the relationship between the brace and the leg.

By combining an impact-resistant frame design with lightweight, high-strength 2024-tempered aluminum, the New Breg COMBINATION ™ XT Brace is specifically built for contact sports.

Its ProForm ™ technology creates a comfortable, precise fit that permits the brace to engage the leg instantly when contact is made, while conforming to the leg during running or cutting. Professional athletes get superior, consistent defense and experience unhindered efficiency.

Unlike previous bracing designs that surrounded the knee in a stiff rectangle-shaped structure, the FUSION design secures the knee by working with it.


Breg Fusion ACL Knee Brace Instructions at

Breg Combination XT integrates a high-strength frame design with lightweight, aircraft-grade tempered aluminum, to stand up to the rigors of contact activities. COMBINATION XT knee brace now includes brand-new AirTech ™ development.

The Brace Shop is please to be among the very first business to introduce this revolutionary brace.

Our most recent Fusion innovation, AirTech was specifically designed to enhance comfort and fit. AirTech is a complete system of air mesh vents and grooved channel frame pads that increase airflow throughout the brace. The system enables cool air in and moves warm air and wetness away from the skin, enhancing patient convenience. The new pad innovation also improves suspension, reduces pinching and assists ease pressure points.

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