Reviewing the best acl knee brace: Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace

Most people In America suffer from an ACL injury when they are aged 15 to 25 years. ACL ligament injuries are usually associated with players who play contact games like soccer and basketball. In fact very people know that the ACL ligament is the most important knee ligament. Every year nearly one million people undergo ACL ligament reconstruction and later on are advised to wear an ACL Knee Brace. Below we have reviewed the popular Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace which is considered to be one of the best braces in this segment.

ACL knee Brace

Acl knee brace

General Features

•    The new design of Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace enjoys a matte finish.

•    This knee brace now has many customized features like the slimmer box design of the hinges, a sub shell in the knees tibial area, straps in the calf area which can be adjusted by the user and the presence of D-rings which are adjustable in nature. These D-rings create a perfect fit for the wearer and they can be placed inside or outside the knee braces.

•    The regular models of knee braces from this company help the players to wear them daily.

•    The Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace has features like accutrac hinges, which mimic the functions of a normal knee and it also helps the worn ligament to stretch by minimum 10 degree.

•    This knee brace also supports a sub-shell which is found below the frame which is made of carbon fiber. The sub-shell is very flexible during movements and it is also supported by the tibial straps which can be adjusted and customized according to the needs of the wearer. This helps the tibia area of the knee to fit in well.

•    When you are playing a game, your knee brace might move down the leg. But the Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace enjoys Sensil-padding which prevents this from happening.

•    The knee brace is also comfortable to wear and you cannot feel any pressure in area of your injured knee.

•    The Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace is an acl brace which provides complete support, no matter whatever knee injury you might have suffered.

•    The knee brace is specially designed and keeps the weight ratio in mind. It is very sturdy as it is made from carbon composite.

•    The Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace is constructed from a material which is non-corrosive in nature and can withstand water and also sea or salty water.

•    Most players can wear the Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace and play their high level sport activities easily. When wearing this knee brace you would never suffer from an injury which might occur due to high velocity damage in a game.

Therefore if you have suffered an ACL injury, it would be best to contact a doctor and get yourself recommended to wear the Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace. Wearing this you would get back to your normal game in no time and you can still enjoy the advanced support the braces offer.

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