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A Comprehensive Guide to MCL Injuries

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The MCL injury represents a small tear or sprain near the medial collateral ligament. By default, MCL represents an important band of tissues inside the knee. It plays an integral role in the mobility and stability of the knee joint. Also, the ligament connects the thighbone to the lower part of the leg. It makes sure the knee doesn’t bend inwards. If you are able to bend your knee inwards, it is quite evident that the medial collateral ligament is torn! Hurting the MCL will cause serious damage to your body’s overall mobility. And, it is quite unfortunate that day-to-day activities like twisting, bending and jumping can affect the ligament. For example, if a soccer ball hits the outside of your knee, there is a high chance for the ligament to be pushed out of position.
Diagnosing MCL Injuries
Just like many other knee problems, MCL injuries can be diagnosed quite easily. For example, you will experience tenderness, swelling and pain near the knee. Few hours after the injury, the pain will become sharper and much more intense. To be much more precise, you will face difficulties in moving your knee. This is when bruises become much more prominent. Try to steer away from any kind of muscular movement, when you experience these symptoms.

How do Professional Spot MCL tears?
So, how do doctors diagnose MCL injuries? Most physicians will question you about your lifestyle and health history. First of all, they will make sure you have not injured the MCL before! Moving on, the physicians will check for a wide range of tenderness, swelling and limitations in movement. Some tests like MRI and X-ray would be suggested too.
Cure for MCL Injuries
A lot of athletes ponder if MCL injuries have a reliable treatment. Luckily, there are plenty of MCL recovery programs and rehabilitation centers to lend you a hand of help. Initially, the doctor will advise you to wear braces or use crutches. These gears will safeguard your knee and ensure stable movement. However, you will be asked to limit your physical activities drastically. Doing a bit of smooth, mild movements will improve the rate at which the MCL heals. On the other hand, severe MCL ruptures will require surgery. Here is a quick walk through three different stages of the cure:
1) Grade 1 MCL injuries will require one to three weeks to be cured! During the cure, you should rest at home with crutches.
2) Grade 2 MCL injuries will require a month to be healed. This is when you will be advised to wear hinged braces around the knee.
3) Grade 3 MCL injuries can take a long time to recover completely. The cure makes use of limited weights too!
The Ultimate Bottom Line
On the whole, MCL injuries can be healed with the right amount of effort and care. It is a recoverable health condition that can be prevented too! Conversely, try to safeguard your MCL by playing safe!


A comprehensive Insight into MCL Injuries

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The Medial Collateral Ligament alias MCL is an important ligament that runs between the shinbone and thighbone. According to medical sources, the ligament is extremely important for bodily movements. It serves as a prime reason behind controlled mobility and smooth physical reflexes. The ligament makes sure the knee doesn’t move extensively during day to day activities. This is why you require a functional and strong MCL for enhanced stability. An injury around the medial collateral ligament will affect your daily routines drastically. This is why you should take extra care of the MCL ligament while performing chores with intense movement. Also, MCL injuries can be very painful and daunting!

What Causes MCL injuries?

There are several reasons behind MCL injuries. In general, the health problem arises when a person collides with one another and too much stress is introduced on the ligament. You will be astounded to note that a small twist or turn can collapse the ligament’s overall functionality. Research at the University of California has proved this scenario. That is why athletes who engage in sports like skiing, soccer, basketball and football are advised to take care. They are often linked with the risks of MCL injuries. Also, the MCL ligament can become weak and brittle with time. This is when MCL injuries occur with mild movements. You can verify if you are likely to face MCL injuries by noticing if the knee locks or catches during certain movements.

How to Avoid MCL injuries?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent MCL injuries too. A proper cool down or warm up session will prepare the ligament for serious action. Always remember that aerobic activities require plenty of preparation. The warm-ups and cool-downs will make sure your muscles and ligaments are ready for some activity. This will prevent the ligament from witnessing a sudden shock or flow of motion. Meanwhile, the warm-up doesn’t have to exceed five or seven minutes. On the other hand, cool down sessions will ensure your MCL doesn’t tighten up for the next set of activities.

Playing Safe All the Time!

In order to avoid MCL injuries, you should be aware of it! Proper training and fitness routines will help you save yourself from injury. Also, you should learn how to change foot postures and fall the right way to prevent MCL tears. For instance, if you are a skier, you must learn to fall onto your sides or forward; never fall backwards. That is because an abrupt backward fall would place too-much stress on the knee joints. This applies to sports like soccer, football and basketball too!

The Ultimate Bottom Line

Last but certainly not least, you should rest after serious physical activities. This is because the MCL requires ample time for relaxation and compressing after a stretch. The ligament requires a predestined amount of time to recover completely after a long strenuous workout. This is why fitness enthusiasts are advised to mix high-impact routines with low-impact activities.


A Quick Walk Through ACL Injuries

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Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

A critical injury that can affect the overall stability and strength of your knee joint would be an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury alias ACL injury. This is one of the four major knee issues that can reduce your mobility and fitness. Generally, the ACL is made of very strong and tough fibrous tissues that are required to control knee motion. It protects the knee by limiting its overall mobility. After all, every joint in the body has a maximum threshold for pain and mobility. Continue to read to find out how an ACL Brace can help.

A lot of people suffer ACL tears and Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries frequently. It is a well know knee joint problem faced by both athletes and non-athletes. An ACL Brace can be used for extra support or to aid recovery after injury.

acl injury

|A Few Stats About ACL

In general, an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear is related to sports and intense physical activities. Around 85% of ACL injuries caused by sports are categorized as non-contact health issues. In simpler terms, the injury is caused without any contact with other players or indeed anyone. Non-contact injuries are totally different from physical issues like tackles in football. So, when do ACL injuries occur? Most Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries are caused due to heavy jumps or unplanned pivoting. This is when the knees give away and damage the ACL! When compared against male athletes, female sportspersons have a higher risk of ACL wear and tear (especially with competitive sports). However, understanding why female participants are more prone to Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries is still an unexplored theory. Some relate it to hormonal differences, overall strength and biomechanical abilities.

Knee Anatomy

Ruptured Dreams

As mentioned previously, intense physical activities can cause Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries. Thus, a lot of sports-related activities can increase your chances of the ACL tearing. Even common, day-to-day tasks like pivoting, cutting and sudden turns can tear your ACL. This makes the knee joint a very delicate spot. Moreover, sports with high demand (tennis, football, gymnastics, rugby, touch, dancing, hockey, basketball and netball) can rupture the joint. Always remember that you cannot function normally, without a healthy ACL joint. To be honest, sports will become a distant dream if you have ACL injuries. Over the past few years, ACL tears have ruptured many sporting careers but an ACL Brace can aid recovery.

acl surgery

Symptoms of ACL

How would you know you have an ACL injury? Diagnosing the health issue is quite easy. In fact, there are several ways to identify the presence of Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries. Most patients are likely to witness sports-related knee damage too. Before an ACL injury, you will hear (or at least feel) a pop in your knees. The pop sound comes from the knees, resulting in intense swelling and pain.

acl brace

Checking for ACL

To diagnose the presence of an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury, the physician will examine your knee and check for ACL ligament instability. There are plenty of tests to identify traces of instability. For example, stress is placed on the ACL to detect rupture and tear. In some cases, your knee will go through an MRI scan too. Here signs of meniscus damage or bone bruising will be verified. However, X-rays are of less significance during ACL injuries.

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Reviewing the best acl knee brace: Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace

Most people In America suffer from an ACL injury when they are aged 15 to 25 years. ACL ligament injuries are usually associated with players who play contact games like soccer and basketball. In fact very people know that the ACL ligament is the most important knee ligament. Every year nearly one million people undergo ACL ligament reconstruction and later on are advised to wear an ACL Knee Brace. Below we have reviewed the popular Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace which is considered to be one of the best braces in this segment.

ACL knee Brace

Acl knee brace

General Features

•    The new design of Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace enjoys a matte finish.

•    This knee brace now has many customized features like the slimmer box design of the hinges, a sub shell in the knees tibial area, straps in the calf area which can be adjusted by the user and the presence of D-rings which are adjustable in nature. These D-rings create a perfect fit for the wearer and they can be placed inside or outside the knee braces.

•    The regular models of knee braces from this company help the players to wear them daily.

•    The Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace has features like accutrac hinges, which mimic the functions of a normal knee and it also helps the worn ligament to stretch by minimum 10 degree.

•    This knee brace also supports a sub-shell which is found below the frame which is made of carbon fiber. The sub-shell is very flexible during movements and it is also supported by the tibial straps which can be adjusted and customized according to the needs of the wearer. This helps the tibia area of the knee to fit in well.

•    When you are playing a game, your knee brace might move down the leg. But the Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace enjoys Sensil-padding which prevents this from happening.

•    The knee brace is also comfortable to wear and you cannot feel any pressure in area of your injured knee.

•    The Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace is an acl brace which provides complete support, no matter whatever knee injury you might have suffered.

•    The knee brace is specially designed and keeps the weight ratio in mind. It is very sturdy as it is made from carbon composite.

•    The Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace is constructed from a material which is non-corrosive in nature and can withstand water and also sea or salty water.

•    Most players can wear the Ossur CTi OTS acl Knee Brace and play their high level sport activities easily. When wearing this knee brace you would never suffer from an injury which might occur due to high velocity damage in a game.

Therefore if you have suffered an ACL injury, it would be best to contact a doctor and get yourself recommended to wear the Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace. Wearing this you would get back to your normal game in no time and you can still enjoy the advanced support the braces offer.

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