Has this been the best knee brace of 2016?

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Of all the braces on the marketplace today, the most flexible brace is without question the DonJoy Playmaker Knee Brace.

The DonJoy Playmaker is suitable for mild to moderate ACL, MCL and LCL knee instabilities. It has been utilized by countless athletes in all kinds of sports to help stabilize and support their hurt knees.

As an intermediate-level product it has shown gradually to be both long lasting and adaptable to a lot of sports activities, with many added functions not usually seen in a fabric hinged style brace.

It is offered in neoprene material for those athletes in winter and water sports. Neoprene helps maintain heat and is exceptionally resilient in high impact/contact sports. Snowboarding, Hockey, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding and Kite Surfing are just a few of the sports making use of the Neoprene Playmaker.

The Playmaker is also available in a material described as drytex. This distinct nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric allows for enhanced air flow. The light-weight polyester-nylon weave fabric is ideal for patients who have neoprene-based inflammations or allergic reactions, or live in warm weather condition environments.

The Playmaker also is available in a slip-on or wrap-around style. Wrap-around styles usually are shown when a persons thigh and calf circumference does not fit the norm, which happens in big professional athletes, overweight people, or when a pull on is not practical (removing ski boots or hockey skates). The wrap-around design provides the athlete more adjustability by managing the tension positioned around the thigh and leg individually. The slip-on design is easy to use and tends to use more even compression around the knee. The option is simply a comfort factor and does not affect the assistance of the brace.

A special feature of the DonJoy Playmaker is the accessibility of an open cutout in the back of the knee. Among the most typical problems amongst athletes and clients is the inflammation of the material in the back of the knee. By developing an opening in the back of the brace, bunching of the brace is reduced and the back of the knee has the ability to breathe. Again, the choice is a comfort factor and does not affect the assistance of the brace. Lots of athletes (skiers) prefer a closed back, so as to keep the knee warm.

The best features of the DonJoy Playmaker is the standard construction of the brace. Polycentric hinges with contoured condyle shells and the popular 4-point dynamic utilize system offer unparalleled stability and support for a fabric style brace.

A few of the new functions that came out in 2008 is a drop lock design hinge for post op patients and clients that need to lock the brace in full extension when ambulating. The brand-new Fource Point Hinge has been integrated into the Playmaker. Fource Point Technology was developed to more secure the ACL and boost the Four Points of Leverage brace style.

The trademarked Fource Point hinges are designed to respond throughout leg extension and use an increasing resistance in the last 35 degrees of extension, in order to minimize extension shock and boost posterior tibial loads.

The hinge has three change settings to differ the quantity of resistance to satisfy the requirements of the physician’s procedures and the client’s convenience.

Whichever design Playmaker you choose, you can be ensured that you are getting among the most popular braces on the market today.

It is always recommended to seek advice from your doctor to identify the correct brace for your condition.


Knee Support & Braces

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Knee support and braces

are used following knee surgery and during knee rehab and can help to supply stability and assistance following knee injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture, torn knee cartilage, sprained medial knee ligament, posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) rupture, patella tendonitis, knee arthritis and runners knee.

Arthritis knee braces such as the Donjoy Arthritis Knee Brace can relieve knee discomfort due to osteoarthritis by improving the biomechanics of the knee joint and taking stress off the location of the joint that is impacted by arthritis. This can improve knee function and delay the need for knee replacement surgical treatment.

There are a range of sports knee braces ideal for football (soccer), rugby, running, martial arts, basketball and netball. Sports knee braces such as the Donjoy Drytex Playmaker and the Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace with Kevlar appropriate for all knee ligament injuries and meniscus tears. Both light-weight knee braces ensure assistance and reassurance by offering external stability for the knee joint.

The Donjoy Drytex Playmaker

has a patented polycentric hinge that reproduces regular knee motion and offers extra assistance for the ACL during sports activities, particularly snowboarding. And, there is now the new Donjoy Reaction Knee Brace which has actually been designed to fight the conditions relating to Anterior knee pain including Osgood-Schlatter illness, Patella Tendonitis and general Patellofemoral (PF) Syndrome tracking concerns.



ACL Brace

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American Academy of Orthopedic– Surgeons have carried out research studies which have actually suggested that basketball, soccer and football players are people who are connected with high level of ACL injuries. The most typical examples of this injury would be a simple sprain or tear in the ACL location of your knee. Once you suffer from ACL injury, you would be encouraged to use an ACL Brace

The typical understanding is that these braces are uneasy, heavy and limit your motions. However these mistaken beliefs avoid a person from taking the needed help and in the long run, he may suffer another sever ACL injury within a year. Listed below we have actually carried out a serious study relating to ACL ligament and exactly what are the various types of these braces available.

Where is the ACL ligament?

The knee area in our body is made from 4 essential ligaments and ACL or the anterior-cruciate ligament is essential. When you suffer from an ACL tear, it is essential that you use a brace which supports the ACL ligament so that you do not experience additional damage.

ACL Brace

What are the different levels of support provided by wearing an ACL Brace?

If you have actually hurt your ACL ligament, your physician would suggest you utilizing any of the acl braces. These braces are specially designed and constructed from products which are light and do not limit movements. Here you would need to find medical recommendations on which brace to use to recover your ACL injury. The different varieties are discussed listed below.

Braces for knees which offer low impact and can be worn daily

When you experience an ACL injury, strolling to your preferred community shop can be an uncomfortable experience. Here you would be suggested to wear knee braces which provide low impact and you can wear them daily. As soon as you use these braces, you injured knee would get support and you can walk and follow your day-to-day regimen without putting the injured ACL ligament at risk. In truth lots of athletes utilize this knee brace when they have had a surgical treatment and attempting to get back to normal life.

Knee braces which offer intermediate level features

If you are struggling with a torn meniscus or arthritis, your physician would advise you to use an acl brace which would help you to do moderate activities. An ACL Brace helps to secure your knee for essential motion and therefore you are not exposed to severe discomfort, in case you have an abrupt movement. Athletes, who get their ACL ligament constructed in surgical treatments, use these intermediate level knee braces. Playmaker-knee brace from the leading DonJoy Company would be a good example. This knee brace is around 16 inches in length and has numerous functions like:

– The brace incorporates the four-points of leverage feature, which assists to support the injured knee well.

– You would be able to take pleasure in natural motions as the hinges are polycentric in nature.

– The Playmaker-knee brace from the leading DonJoy Company is made of a product referred to as Drytex material and this fabric allows good flow and is likewise light in weight.

Knee braces which offer light weight support

If you have actually experienced a partial ACL tear, you would need to find light weight support for your knee. These braces are utilized by athletes who play non-contact supports and this ACL Brace has aluminum hinges which is used in the aircraft, incorporated into the braces. The materials from which they are manufactured are very light in weight and they are specially designed braces.

Knee braces used for contact sports

These specifically created acl braces have aluminum braces in them and they can be customized based on individual requirements. These braces are likewise utilized by athletes who use them while playing contact sports and also by skiers. Knee braces from Bio Skin are good examples of this type of knee braces. These knee braces have special functions like hinges which are covered and this does not let snagging take place, also the special product utilized is very sturdy and does get torn when a game is being played.

Knee braces which are customized and can used for sports

A skilled athlete who has actually struggled with ACL injury would speak about the specialized tailored ACL knee braces he wears. These braces are made of product which is light and it helps the player to play his game. This supports the hurt ligament and does not deteriorate the condition further.


BREG Knee Brace

The Breg knee brace redefines the relationship between the brace and the leg.

By combining an impact-resistant frame design with lightweight, high-strength 2024-tempered aluminum, the New Breg COMBINATION ™ XT Brace is specifically built for contact sports.

Its ProForm ™ technology creates a comfortable, precise fit that permits the brace to engage the leg instantly when contact is made, while conforming to the leg during running or cutting. Professional athletes get superior, consistent defense and experience unhindered efficiency.

Unlike previous bracing designs that surrounded the knee in a stiff rectangle-shaped structure, the FUSION design secures the knee by working with it.


ACL Rehab- Week 1

I had surgery about 3 days before this video was made. It is essential that those very first days you ice a lot and stay resting. Yet after those very first 2 days, you ought to begin to rehab your knee due to the fact that the very first week after surgery is extremely influential in how your rehabilitation will go. With this said, THIS IS THE REHABILITATION MY TRAINER OFFERED ME.
3 sets of 10 associates- Knee Flexes
3 sets of 10 reps- Straight leg raises
3 sets of 10 reps- Side leg raises
3 sets of 30 secs- Straighten of Knee




ACL Surgery Recovery – Week One

First 7 days after having ACL reconstruction surgery. Some internal bleeding and a repeating low fever. Haven't started official physio yet however have actually been doing routine exercises at home. I can now walk (gradually) without braces or crutches. There is some problem going up and downstairs.
Looking forward to a fast healing so I can return into sports!


ACL Tears Part 5: ACL Rehab

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Learn why physical therapy plays such an important function following an ACL Reconstruction. Todd Maurer, PT discusses the progression of therapy exercises after surgery. Discover exactly what you have to do before you return to sports activities.

Dr. Emil DiIorio discusses the actions you can take to protect your knee and avoid ACL re-tears in the future.

Part 5 of 5

-LRB-877-RRB- 247-8080.
To learn more e-mail: tv@coordinatedhealth.com.


Breg Fusion ACL Knee Brace Instructions at Braceshop.com

Breg Combination XT integrates a high-strength frame design with lightweight, aircraft-grade tempered aluminum, to stand up to the rigors of contact activities. COMBINATION XT knee brace now includes brand-new AirTech ™ development.

The Brace Shop is please to be among the very first business to introduce this revolutionary brace.

Our most recent Fusion innovation, AirTech was specifically designed to enhance comfort and fit. AirTech is a complete system of air mesh vents and grooved channel frame pads that increase airflow throughout the brace. The system enables cool air in and moves warm air and wetness away from the skin, enhancing patient convenience. The new pad innovation also improves suspension, reduces pinching and assists ease pressure points.


DonJoy SE-4 Legend Ligament Knee Brace

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We are pleased to present the most cost efficient practical ligament knee brace on the market, known as the DonJoy SE-4 Point, with its trademarked 4-point dynamic take advantage of system technology.


Ankle Ligament Repair Surgery with Arthrex Internal Brace – Houston Ankle Surgeon

In this ankle surgery video, Dr Moore shows how the Arthrex Internal Brace and its equipment is created to reinforce the anterior talofibular ligament after the Customized Brostrom procedure.

The steps are also described in the educational video if the surgical video is too graphic.

A lot of foot and ankle experts will perform a ligament repair surgery like the Modified Brostrom if the patient has had regular ankle sprains, ankle instability or the quintessential 'weak ankle' or ankle 'giving out'. Tests include the initial x-rays, MRI, and 'anterior drawer indicator' at the scientific evaluation pre operatively.

The peaks of this surgical devices are the bone anchors that are provided as an absorbable material and insert 'peek' material. The drills are cannulated for simplicity of use and maintaining position of the websites and hand held taps and drivers are as easy to use as they are intelligently designed for each part of the procedure. Lastly, the brace product itself is made from fiber wire at 5 times the basic strength.

To see more surgical treatment instruction videos or to learn more, log on to or our blog site at to view the surgical treatment, listen to client reviews, see patient reviews, ask Dr Moore a concern, or make an appointment.

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