Ankle Ligament Repair Surgery with Arthrex Internal Brace – Houston Ankle Surgeon

In this ankle surgery video, Dr Moore shows how the Arthrex Internal Brace and its equipment is created to reinforce the anterior talofibular ligament after the Customized Brostrom procedure.

The steps are also described in the educational video if the surgical video is too graphic.

A lot of foot and ankle experts will perform a ligament repair surgery like the Modified Brostrom if the patient has had regular ankle sprains, ankle instability or the quintessential 'weak ankle' or ankle 'giving out'. Tests include the initial x-rays, MRI, and 'anterior drawer indicator' at the scientific evaluation pre operatively.

The peaks of this surgical devices are the bone anchors that are provided as an absorbable material and insert 'peek' material. The drills are cannulated for simplicity of use and maintaining position of the websites and hand held taps and drivers are as easy to use as they are intelligently designed for each part of the procedure. Lastly, the brace product itself is made from fiber wire at 5 times the basic strength.

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