A comprehensive Insight into MCL Injuries

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The Medial Collateral Ligament alias MCL is an important ligament that runs between the shinbone and thighbone. According to medical sources, the ligament is extremely important for bodily movements. It serves as a prime reason behind controlled mobility and smooth physical reflexes. The ligament makes sure the knee doesn’t move extensively during day to day activities. This is why you require a functional and strong MCL for enhanced stability. An injury around the medial collateral ligament will affect your daily routines drastically. This is why you should take extra care of the MCL ligament while performing chores with intense movement. Also, MCL injuries can be very painful and daunting!

What Causes MCL injuries?

There are several reasons behind MCL injuries. In general, the health problem arises when a person collides with one another and too much stress is introduced on the ligament. You will be astounded to note that a small twist or turn can collapse the ligament’s overall functionality. Research at the University of California has proved this scenario. That is why athletes who engage in sports like skiing, soccer, basketball and football are advised to take care. They are often linked with the risks of MCL injuries. Also, the MCL ligament can become weak and brittle with time. This is when MCL injuries occur with mild movements. You can verify if you are likely to face MCL injuries by noticing if the knee locks or catches during certain movements.

How to Avoid MCL injuries?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent MCL injuries too. A proper cool down or warm up session will prepare the ligament for serious action. Always remember that aerobic activities require plenty of preparation. The warm-ups and cool-downs will make sure your muscles and ligaments are ready for some activity. This will prevent the ligament from witnessing a sudden shock or flow of motion. Meanwhile, the warm-up doesn’t have to exceed five or seven minutes. On the other hand, cool down sessions will ensure your MCL doesn’t tighten up for the next set of activities.

Playing Safe All the Time!

In order to avoid MCL injuries, you should be aware of it! Proper training and fitness routines will help you save yourself from injury. Also, you should learn how to change foot postures and fall the right way to prevent MCL tears. For instance, if you are a skier, you must learn to fall onto your sides or forward; never fall backwards. That is because an abrupt backward fall would place too-much stress on the knee joints. This applies to sports like soccer, football and basketball too!

The Ultimate Bottom Line

Last but certainly not least, you should rest after serious physical activities. This is because the MCL requires ample time for relaxation and compressing after a stretch. The ligament requires a predestined amount of time to recover completely after a long strenuous workout. This is why fitness enthusiasts are advised to mix high-impact routines with low-impact activities.

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