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American Academy of Orthopedic –Surgeons have undertaken studies which have indicated that basketball, soccer and football players are people who are associated with high level of ACL injuries. The most common examples of this injury would be a simple sprain or tear in the ACL area of your knee. Once you suffer from ACL injury, you would be advised to wear an ACL Brace.

The common perception is that these braces are uncomfortable, heavy and restrict your movements. But these misconceptions prevent a person from taking the necessary help and in the long run, he might suffer another sever ACL injury within a year. Below we have undertaken a serious study regarding ACL ligament and what are the different types of these braces available.

Where is the ACL ligament?

The knee area in our body is made of four important ligaments and ACL or the anterior-cruciate ligament is most important. When you suffer from an ACL tear, it is important that you use a brace which supports the ACL ligament and you also do not have to suffer from further damage.

ACL BraceWhat are the different levels of support provided by wearing an ACL Brace?

If you have injured your ACL ligament, your doctor would recommend you using any one of the acl braces. These braces are specially designed and constructed from materials which are light and do not restrict movements. Here you would need medical advice on which brace you need to heal your ACL injury. The various varieties are explained below-

# Braces for knees which offer low impact and can be worn daily

When you suffer from an ACL injury, walking to your favorite community store can be a painful experience. Here you would be recommended to wear knee braces which offer low impact and you can wear them daily. Once you wear these braces, you injured knee would receive support and you can walk and follow your daily routine without exerting the injured ACL ligament. In fact many players use this knee brace when they have had a surgery and trying to get back to normal life.

# Knee braces which offer intermediate level features

If you are suffering from a torn meniscus or arthritis, your doctor would recommend you to wear an acl brace which would help you to do moderate activities.  An ACL Brace protect your knee from pivotal movements and thus you are not exposed to extreme pain, in case you have a sudden movement. Players, who get their ACL ligament constructed in surgeries, wear these intermediate level knee braces. Playmaker-knee brace from the leading DonJoy Company would be a good example. This knee brace is around 16 inches in length and has several features like:

•    The brace encompasses the four-points of leverage feature, which helps to support the injured knee well.

•    You would be able to enjoy natural movements as the hinges are polycentric in nature.

•    The Playmaker-knee brace from the leading DonJoy Company is made of a material known as Drytex fabric and this fabric allows good circulation and is also light in weight.

#Knee braces which offer light weight support

If you have suffered from a partial ACL tear, you would need light weight support over the injured area. These braces are used by players who play non-contact supports and this ACL Brace has aluminum hinges which is used in the aircraft, incorporated into the braces. The materials from which they are manufactured are very light in weight and they are specially designed braces.

#Knee braces used for contact sports

These specially designed acl braces have aluminum braces in them and they can be customized as per individual needs. These braces are also used by players who use them while playing contact sports and also for skiers. Knee braces from Bio Skin are good examples of this type of knee braces. These knee braces have special features like hinges which are covered and this does not let snagging occur, also the special material used is very sturdy and does get torn when a game is being played.

#Knee braces which are customized and can used for sports

A seasoned player who has suffered from ACL injury would speak about the specialized customized ACL knee braces he wears. These braces are made of material which is light and it helps the player to play his game. This knee supports the injured ligament and does not deteriorate the condition further.



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